Month: March 2022

Cosmos- A Product of is Designed To Be The 1st IT Services Marketplace. offers web development and design services to organizations, businesses, and individuals on a freelance basis. According to recent studies & research, it is estimated that 80 % of large corporations plan to increase their dependencies on freelancers. This will result in approximately a 30 % increase in the number of work projects accomplished through freelancing platforms.

If you believe that small businesses only use freelance platforms, you are mistaken. More than 100 Fortune 500 companies use freelancing services from the market. Similarly, freelance work is becoming more popular as more businesses & individuals find it profitable and convenient, which means more talents are available for companies in the market. COSMOS is here to help you find the right talent for your project. This virtual marketplace is developed to benefit both clients and freelancers. COSMOS Android App can be used by businesses located anywhere in the world to hire freelancers for their job roles and projects that do not necessitate full-time employment. COSMOS platforms enable freelancers to build a profile, showcase their work portfolio, and communicate with potential employers. COSMOS enables the services provided to be more stimulating as cooperation develops between clients and freelancers, reducing unnecessary worry. Businesses can search from a catalogue of freelancers based on experience, skills, and associated parameters. COSMOS platform facilitates hiring through the talent marketplace. As a result, businesses can outsource labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks while focusing on their core competencies.

Through the COSMOS Android App, businesses can shortlist freelancers from the wide range available and conduct interviews to find the best fit for your project. Companies can prepare their shortlist for interviews by reviewing each freelancer’s skills, feedback from other clients, related experience, rate, time zone, and language fluency. Once the businesses create their impressive market brand presence, it shall entice the interest of more qualified freelancers. Thus, finding the right fit for your project becomes easier than imagined.

COSMOS Business App offers a workroom and collaboration connect, allowing freelancers to contact clients for clarification at any time. COSMOS Client App includes a comprehensive dashboard that enables businesses to monitor work time and actual outcomes. After carefully evaluating the final submission for quality and other predefined standards, companies can only make the payment. Furthermore, they can set milestones and make payments only when they are met satisfactorily.

Businesses can easily find suitable fits for their projects because they have access to a skilled workforce of thousands of freelancers. Businesses can attract a wave of applications from qualified freelancers by posting a professional and comprehensive job posting. There is also a mechanism for rating freelancers based on their outputs in this virtual marketplace for innovators. Businesses can highlight the best performers to other organizations.

Businesses benefit from the COSMOS 1st IT services marketplace for clients as it allows them to save a significant amount of money. Hiring full-time employees are much more expensive because businesses must pay employees a fixed salary, benefits, office space rent, etc. Freelancers are a much more affordable option.

India’s First Marketplace for IT Service

IT service marketplaces are growing in popularity, giving us more access to the IT service sector. As IT service markets expand into more complicated sectors and services, the degree of trust necessary to build connections increases. Simultaneously, the requirement to provide services to a consistent customer with added values also increases.

We live in times when we can contact any person or corporation on the planet with our smartphones. We can identify a developer who does brilliant integrations and get them given to a client in any part of the world. We may also hire an SEO expert to have the video of the client’s company being made ready by a freelancer from anywhere around the globe.

Access to such a wide range of services under a single platform provides a sense of excitement and overstimulation to the clients. Urbanhat. in offers a wide range of service options at your fingertips and can manage & deliver the finest services to clients. It is a small working freelance-based organization that offers clients services. In turn, the freelance developers at Urbanhat are a client’s website concept into an actuality. 

An app called COSMOS is developed by, the largest India Marketplace for IT Services facilitates connecting the clients and the freelancers. Urbanhat. is into Marketplace for IT Services and has developed an effective collaboration platform. New clients have broad visibility on the disciplines and evidence to consider collaborating with freelancers basis their requirements.

COSMOS app has multiple features to offer, which include:

Connect with endless professionals

The talent economy is flourishing. More and more skilled individuals are pursuing jobs as freelancers. COSMOS links the service buyers with a plethora of specialists and professionals from various disciplines and businesses through this India Marketplace for IT Services.

Complexity of services 

In instances where the services to be rendered are complex and require a high level of trust, COSMOS help to build a long-term relationship. The framework is designed so that the freelancer & the client are easily connected to manage the services. Multiple freelancers are all under a single roof, which facilitates the client to get their suitable freelancer.

Rewards return Program

Multiple freelancers submit their quotations to their clients & become eligible for cashback offers once their quote is approved. Freelancers can refer their buddies to be eligible for buddy referral bonuses. This has been the most productive recruiting strategy.

Access to Project dashboard

Robust, up-to-date Visual Data about the projects and services rendered are available on the project dashboard. Projects are tracked in real-time with live data. This enables to spot issues and keep projects on schedule. The project dashboard is equipped with easy-to-understand data, allowing you to monitor tasks costs and check the service output.

Plan basis available budget

You can hire a freelancer basis your budget availability. Multiple choices are available to cater services basis the severity of the project. With just a click of a button, you can get options for various freelancers and teams.

Brand responsibility 

The freelancers provide proactive support and guarantee of work rendered. If your requirement is for a team of developers, we are here to cater to the services. You can choose the options to make payments ranging from hourly, weekly, daily, monthly, or project.

Hassle-free communication Once connected on our platform, we enable effective communication between the client & the freelancer. The freelancers shall establish a strong bond of trustworthiness.