Cosmos- A Product of is Designed To Be The 1st IT Services Marketplace. offers web development and design services to organizations, businesses, and individuals on a freelance basis. According to recent studies & research, it is estimated that 80 % of large corporations plan to increase their dependencies on freelancers. This will result in approximately a 30 % increase in the number of work projects accomplished through freelancing platforms.

If you believe that small businesses only use freelance platforms, you are mistaken. More than 100 Fortune 500 companies use freelancing services from the market. Similarly, freelance work is becoming more popular as more businesses & individuals find it profitable and convenient, which means more talents are available for companies in the market. COSMOS is here to help you find the right talent for your project. This virtual marketplace is developed to benefit both clients and freelancers. COSMOS Android App can be used by businesses located anywhere in the world to hire freelancers for their job roles and projects that do not necessitate full-time employment. COSMOS platforms enable freelancers to build a profile, showcase their work portfolio, and communicate with potential employers. COSMOS enables the services provided to be more stimulating as cooperation develops between clients and freelancers, reducing unnecessary worry. Businesses can search from a catalogue of freelancers based on experience, skills, and associated parameters. COSMOS platform facilitates hiring through the talent marketplace. As a result, businesses can outsource labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks while focusing on their core competencies.

Through the COSMOS Android App, businesses can shortlist freelancers from the wide range available and conduct interviews to find the best fit for your project. Companies can prepare their shortlist for interviews by reviewing each freelancer’s skills, feedback from other clients, related experience, rate, time zone, and language fluency. Once the businesses create their impressive market brand presence, it shall entice the interest of more qualified freelancers. Thus, finding the right fit for your project becomes easier than imagined.

COSMOS Business App offers a workroom and collaboration connect, allowing freelancers to contact clients for clarification at any time. COSMOS Client App includes a comprehensive dashboard that enables businesses to monitor work time and actual outcomes. After carefully evaluating the final submission for quality and other predefined standards, companies can only make the payment. Furthermore, they can set milestones and make payments only when they are met satisfactorily.

Businesses can easily find suitable fits for their projects because they have access to a skilled workforce of thousands of freelancers. Businesses can attract a wave of applications from qualified freelancers by posting a professional and comprehensive job posting. There is also a mechanism for rating freelancers based on their outputs in this virtual marketplace for innovators. Businesses can highlight the best performers to other organizations.

Businesses benefit from the COSMOS 1st IT services marketplace for clients as it allows them to save a significant amount of money. Hiring full-time employees are much more expensive because businesses must pay employees a fixed salary, benefits, office space rent, etc. Freelancers are a much more affordable option.

India’s First Marketplace for IT Service

IT service marketplaces are growing in popularity, giving us more access to the IT service sector. As IT service markets expand into more complicated sectors and services, the degree of trust necessary to build connections increases. Simultaneously, the requirement to provide services to a consistent customer with added values also increases.

We live in times when we can contact any person or corporation on the planet with our smartphones. We can identify a developer who does brilliant integrations and get them given to a client in any part of the world. We may also hire an SEO expert to have the video of the client’s company being made ready by a freelancer from anywhere around the globe.

Access to such a wide range of services under a single platform provides a sense of excitement and overstimulation to the clients. Urbanhat. in offers a wide range of service options at your fingertips and can manage & deliver the finest services to clients. It is a small working freelance-based organization that offers clients services. In turn, the freelance developers at Urbanhat are a client’s website concept into an actuality. 

An app called COSMOS is developed by, the largest India Marketplace for IT Services facilitates connecting the clients and the freelancers. Urbanhat. is into Marketplace for IT Services and has developed an effective collaboration platform. New clients have broad visibility on the disciplines and evidence to consider collaborating with freelancers basis their requirements.

COSMOS app has multiple features to offer, which include:

Connect with endless professionals

The talent economy is flourishing. More and more skilled individuals are pursuing jobs as freelancers. COSMOS links the service buyers with a plethora of specialists and professionals from various disciplines and businesses through this India Marketplace for IT Services.

Complexity of services 

In instances where the services to be rendered are complex and require a high level of trust, COSMOS help to build a long-term relationship. The framework is designed so that the freelancer & the client are easily connected to manage the services. Multiple freelancers are all under a single roof, which facilitates the client to get their suitable freelancer.

Rewards return Program

Multiple freelancers submit their quotations to their clients & become eligible for cashback offers once their quote is approved. Freelancers can refer their buddies to be eligible for buddy referral bonuses. This has been the most productive recruiting strategy.

Access to Project dashboard

Robust, up-to-date Visual Data about the projects and services rendered are available on the project dashboard. Projects are tracked in real-time with live data. This enables to spot issues and keep projects on schedule. The project dashboard is equipped with easy-to-understand data, allowing you to monitor tasks costs and check the service output.

Plan basis available budget

You can hire a freelancer basis your budget availability. Multiple choices are available to cater services basis the severity of the project. With just a click of a button, you can get options for various freelancers and teams.

Brand responsibility 

The freelancers provide proactive support and guarantee of work rendered. If your requirement is for a team of developers, we are here to cater to the services. You can choose the options to make payments ranging from hourly, weekly, daily, monthly, or project.

Hassle-free communication Once connected on our platform, we enable effective communication between the client & the freelancer. The freelancers shall establish a strong bond of trustworthiness. 

Why Indian Freelancing Developers Prefer Overseas Clients More Than Subcontinent

freelancing developers

Freelancing means self-employment. If you think on a large spectrum, then it can be called business.  But growing a business depends on potential clients. But Being an Indian freelancer it is difficult to find out potential clients. They prefer to work with foreign clients more than Indian clients for decent payout, and better professionalism.

We are Indian freelancers, having prior working experience with both overseas and subcontinent clients. Obviously, we started our freelancing services with Indian clients; some of them are very good at their behavior, clear about their demand, and ready to pay for quality work. We also believe in offering the best services at an affordable price.

But 40% of Indian clients we have dealt with are not trust-worthy. They don’t have the proper clearance of their project requirement. If you ask me why?

The answer will be a lack of technical knowledge. High-profile subcontinent or overseas clients are very clear to their demand and ready to pay accordingly. Never compromise with the quality of work.

Before starting a project clarity of project requirements is important. In the case of subcontinent clients, they would like to judge you by quantity but not by quality. In most cases, they are looking for the cheapest work because they don’t have enough budget.

Now Indian freelancers struggling with their rates and prefer to work with overseas clients. It is true that Indian clients expect more but not ready to pay the right amount. They want additional features, updated technologies, and many more. But when the freelance developers charge the extra amount for changes they refuse to pay. For these reasons, Indian freelancers don’t prefer to work with subcontinent clients.

Why it is frustrating for Indian freelancing developers to work with regional clients?

  • Less professionalism, it is really a sensitive issue. Maximum subcontinent clients don’t really understand the meaning of professionalism. They often end up with rude behavior
  • Lack of technical knowledge make huge confusion between clients and freelancing developers
  • Prefer quantity over quality. In most cases, subcontinent clients never value the quality of work
  • Best quality at the cheapest price. Subcontinent low budget clients demand high-quality services at very affordable prices. This factor just cut down the profit percentage of Indian freelancers
  • They are not ready to pay for extra work and any changes. Don’t value the time invested in a project. So maximum Indian freelancing developers exhausted by handling unprofessional clients

Why foreign clients prefer to outsource their projects to Indian freelancers?

A recent survey reported that 80% of the European or US-based companies choose India over any other company for their outsourcing requirements.  Although other countries in the world like the Philippines, China, Mexico, and Ireland are giving tough completion to India, our country remains the best outsourcing destination for them.

The main reason behind that is reduced cost, expertise, scalability, and better focus on core activities.

Being citizens of a leading outsourcing country, we get the opportunity to work with foreign clients, now there is plenty of Indian freelancer website, from where foreign firms used to hire freelancing developer.

Depending on their project requirement, budget, technologies, and other factors US-based clients choose their outsourcing country. India is the best place if you are searching for quality services but your budget is a little tight. Outsourcing foreign projects to Indian freelancers is the best approach, as it is both sides beneficial. For these reasons, Indian freelancer sites are so popular among foreign clients.

Let’s sum up the above-written facts point wise:

  • India has the largest talent pool of technically skilled professionals
  • Indian freelancing developers offer flexible pricing option
  • India provides consistently high-quality services in the field of IT and software development
  • Our developers consistently updating their infrastructure and technologies
  • Indian freelancers offer good quality services within the quickest time frame
  • The Indian government is stable and offers attractive IT policies

For these reasons, India has become the global outsourcing destination of foreign clients.

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Positive aspects of working with the overseas clients

  • Foreign clients are more process-oriented
  • They are focusing on updated technology, so they surely admire your skill-set
  • In most cases foreign potential clients ready to pay a decent amount for the quality work
  • They believe in planning and strategies. So, they are very clear about their project requirements
  • If requirements changes in the process, agree to pay for that. That’s sound highly professional
  • If you are doing your best, they will value your time and hard work. As they know the value of time invested in a project
  • If you own their trust as a freelancing developer, they will ready to pay a decent amount in advance, which always build trust and bring working motivation
  • Foreign clients are more freelancers-friendly. They always encourage their employee/ freelancers to their better work
  • Reward and payment amount are based on the merit and effort of your work
  • There is less exploitation; most of the overseas clients share the best work culture with their freelancing team, also pay for the extra work.
  • Work-life balance is important, working with overseas clients helps you to earn a good amount from a single project. That’s why you don’t need to work 14hours/day to manage your basic amenities
  • Last but not the least, work satisfaction is important. Foreign clients love to know your knowledge by your work. That is a positive opportunity to explore yourself as a freelancer

Indian freelancers often facing problems finding potential clients, therefore they choose to work for foreign farms or for foreign clients. That provides them good monetary support for their well-being.

If they choose to work for subcontinent clients they often end up with loss, or to fulfill their basic requirements they need to do really hard work. But here handwork doesn’t pay off because they don’t have enough budgets. These things are physically as well as emotionally draining to our freelancing developers. 

Web Development & The Best Web Development Tools in 2021?

Web development tools
Best Web development tools in 2021

Web development is a skill that involves developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web or private network). Web development is performed with efficient web development tools for example Github, JS,etc.

Our Web development lesson includes developing a simple static page, making plain text, or a complicated web-based internet application known as web apps. Web development is also useful in electronic business and social network services.

These involve a comprehensive list of tasks including Web engineering, Web content development, Web design, back-end and front-end development, Web server, network security configuration, and e-commerce website creation.

If you ask what is web development to a professional web developer, then they will answer in a technical way. They must talk about markup languages and coding to develop responsive websites. The web development process takes the assistance of a Content Management System (CMS) to maintain the website content in an organized way.

Web development and designing skills are currently in high demand across the globe while the pay is handsome too. So it can be a great career option. The field of web development is generally broken down into back-end and front-end development.

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Web development languages you should know as a developer

What Are the Best Web Development Tools in 2021?

Here we are listing down the best web development tools you should opt for in 2021 if you want to provide quality web development service.

  • JS
  • Sass
  • Grunt
  • Chrome DevTools
  • GitHub
  • JQuery
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sketch
  • Sublime Text
  • Bootstrap
  • NPM

Front-End Development tools:

The website’s front end is all about clients seeing and interacting with using a browser. So creating a visual part is known as “Front end Development”. It includes the design user interface and planning experience. So to create front-end developers use HTML and CSS. While HTML is for basic page structure and content, CSS is for visual editing.

Apart from that developers also use advanced UI technologies like JavaScript, Jquery for making websites interactive to users. React JS and Angular JS is the most advanced and latest technologies for web development nowadays. UI/UX has made revolutionary changes in front-end web development in the present era. The Front end development tools are also used to make progressive web apps, mobile apps (Android, IOS).

Back-End Development tools:

It is equally important as the front end. This is the ecosystem that empowers your websites in the same way as the backbone. Here we are talking about complete backend web development framework tools.

Language & Framework

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Js
  • Laravel

 Web Server Technologies

  • Apache


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgresSQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Server

Git Clients and Services

  • SourceTree
  • GitHub client

Collaboration Services

  • Slack
  • Asana
  • JIRA

Website Speed Test tool

  • Google Page Speed Insights
  • Full Page Load Tester



Three Best Web Development Languages you Should Know About

Web development is a skill; everyone wants to learn nowadays. Before that one should learn programming languages. It is the basic part of web development. But most beginners ask “What languages are used for web development” or “What is the most used web development language”.So here we are talking about the three best web development languages one should know if someone wants to learn hard-core web development for full-stack development.

So let’s discuss them below:

Web development languages

Web Development with Python

Python is an easy to learn language. So, beginners adopt this language very easily. The language is based on white space and common expressions; the use of code is comparably less than other programming languages like Java, C++. Python is comparatively similar to our everyday language that one can easily grasp over time.

Here coding of language is less complicated. Python offers a unique range of library tools and packages that offer a large number of pre-written codes that optimize your application development time.  Web development with Python is more productive because it offers great frameworks such as Django, and Flask. Python has the first prototyping facilities, so it takes less time to complete web development projects compared to other backend programming languages.

Web development with Python makes the complete process faster. Because it is more acceptable for web developers due to its quick development procedure.

Python has continuously updated itself with new features, tools-box, libraries that offer community support and excellent documentation.  This easy to learn language provides a great framework to start a developer’s journey.  Python web frameworks are commonly utilized in backend development (Server-side technology).  A backend server-side includes HTTP request and response, URL routing,  web security, and accessing the database. Python web framework simplifies a developmental complex procedure and supports you to do it in less time. 

Web development with Django

If you want to learn web development skills, then you need to learn a programming language. Here Python is the easy to learn programming language with great web frameworks. Python web framework includes Django, Flask, Turbogears, Web2Py, and Pyramid.

Web development with the Django framework is widely accepted all over the world in the field of software technology.  Django is a python web framework that offers secure, scalable, and clean web design.  It is famous for documentation and great community support.  Django can be used in start-ups or in big companies. Jargon companies use the Django web development framework in Spotify, Pinterest, Dropbox, and Instagram.

Web development with javaScript

.JavaScript is a text-based programming language used for both the back-end and front-end sides. HTML and CSS languages provide structure and style of a web page whereas; Web development with javaScript creates web page interaction that increases user engagement. A common example of JavaScript includes the search box of Amazon or refreshing of social media feed of your personal account.

Adding JavaScript in your web development process improves the user experience of the web page. JavaScript converts a static page into an interactive page.

JavaScript is mainly used for adding interactive behaviour to web pages, creating mobile and web applications, building web servers and developing server applications, and Game development.

Key reasons to became a freelancer

Be Your Own Boss

The most common reason to become a freelancer or entrepreneur is the ability to be your own boss. No more working with control-freak management, no more being clocked in and out of the office, no more getting told off for being late—you are the master of your own ship, and that’s a great way to feel.
Being your own boss is the top reason to start your own business. It can mean becoming a self-contained, one-person company. Happily, the work that you do under this new system will take a skill that’s so close to your nature that you’ll see work and being a boss in an entirely new way.

The End of Office Politics

Office politics have a horrible habit of making people miserable. Many employees say that it’s the worst bit of their job, having to play for favour between competing managers or competing teams. Fortunately, from the day you start working for yourself, you can say goodbye to office politics forever

You’re Free to Work Anywhere – Freedom

Today, many entrepreneurs and freelancers become location-independent workers or “digital nomads”. They choose to work wherever they like and change location on a regular or semi-regular basis.

You Choose the Projects You Want to Work On

If you’re a web designer and you hate working on tobacco company websites, you don’t have to. If you’re a writer and never want to write a single sales letter, you don’t have to. Employees have to work on projects their boss assigns them. Freelancers and entrepreneurs choose their own projects based on their expertise and passion. You might want to bear in mind that it’s unlikely you’ll ever find a “perfect” freelance or entrepreneur job which is 100% interesting and motivating all the time. There’s still boring, repetitive work to be done (such as accounting, admin, etc.), but the majority of your time should involve doing the things you love.

You Never Have to Do Unpaid Overtime Again

You remember that nonsense that companies like to tell you about how salaried employees are expected to hand over their free time for no compensation because they’re salaried? That’s not part of the freelancing life. If you’re working, you’re earning. You charge clients for work, and you don’t work unless you’re getting paid.

You Can Earn More than You Did Before

Sure, in the early days of your career as a business owner—you’ll take the work you can get. Over time, however, you’ll have more offers of work than you can handle. Then you can pick and choose, and, better still, you can raise your rates. Traditionally, freelancers get paid much higher rates than their employed equivalents. Why? Freelancers meet all their own expenses. They buy their equipment; they pay for their health insurance; they pay for their own vacations, etc., and so do entrepreneurs. That stuff doesn’t come free.

Your Efforts Reward You

An employee is paid a set salary, and while they may get the occasional bonus, much of that usually depends on how other people work, too. If you’re a regular employee of a company which makes no money, you still get paid. On the other hand, you often don’t get a bonus if your work brings in lots of money for your company. On the contrary, freelancers and owners of design businesses get paid for the work that they put in and the results they create. The more they work, the more they get paid. The better results they create, the better they get paid. Every bit of work you do benefits you and only you—no more subsidizing the lazy guy/girl who spends all day talking about work without doing any. The money’s yours.

Why it is worthwhile for your business to hire Freelancing Developers?


Freelancers Cost Less


Freelancers may charge slightly more than the salary that someone on your job’s payroll might command throughout the project’s timeframe. However, even when a freelancer charge slightly more (you do get what you pay for), they are still inherently cheaper than salaried workers.

Freelancers don’t require the expense or resources required for training or onboarding. They don’t need sick pay, holiday pay, medical, dental or other benefits. Thus, although pro-rata costs might be slightly higher, freelancers cost less in the long run.


Freelancers Tend to be More Productive


Salaried workers can afford to rest on their laurels. They know (or assume) that they have job security and as such might not be as engaged or productive as a gig worker might on their freelance jobs. Freelancers, after all, tend to be keen to accept whatever modicum of job security they can get and will always go the extra mile to keep clients happy and increase their chances of being invited back for the next job that comes along.


You Pay Per Project


There are few things more crippling to your cash flow than an employee whose talents are surplus to requirements. If you take on a telecoms engineer to oversee deployment of your network and communications, you may find that your network requires very little management and you’re stuck with someone on their payroll who (by no fault of their own) is left to do little to justify the expense they represent. 

By contrast, freelancers are taken on to do a very specific job. When they have carried out their task to your satisfaction, your obligation to one another ends. While you may well take a liking to each other and invite them back to carry out more work, you have far less cost obligation to freelancers.


They have the Exact Skills and Expertise You Need


Productivity is worth paying for. When you hire a freelancer you know that you’re getting someone with the exact skills, expertise , and experience you need for a particular project. And when you’re using the right resources, getting access to the people with the skills you need is a far faster and less cumbersome process than recruiting a salaried employee. 

It’s very liberating looking for someone who only needs to fit the bill for one specific project rather than someone who you’ll need to keep on the payroll for a wide range of future endeavors.