Freelancer's FAQs

  • Minimum 1yr of experience
  • Ready to give 28hrs/week or more
  • Specific expertise in his/her field

In any circumstances, our working hours never go below 28 hrs per week. 
But depending upon the situations it can be increased accoording to project deadline & workload.

  • Aadhar Card & PAN Card
  • High School Marksheet for birth certification
  • Updated CV with 1 profile picture (512x*512px) in .jpeg format.
  • Linkedin profile URL (optional) 
  • To be very much punctual in their task
  • Update daily task report to the HR
  • Strictly follow the deadline
  • Should follow basic norms of coding
  • Have a friendly behaviour toewards the co-working member.
  • Enthusiatic and quick learner
  • Easily adapt new technologies and upgradation. 

After the completion of profile verification process, your entry will be saved in our database. As soon as a new project arrives ,admin matches your skills with the project requirement. If it suits your skills, then after analyzing all the aspects, a team will be formed on the basis of task.This team may contain several members, alll having different skills in their respective field. Each member has their set of task and goals to achieve in the given time span.

All members of the team are answerable to Director/Astt. Director .

Selecting  freelancers for a specific project is a big and most cruicial task.Our technical_team has to carefully observe the proejct requirement and matches it with available freelancers profile.If  a profile matches with the project demands, then our team contacts the freelancer and ask for some demo work which are previously done by that freelancer. And only after confirming all the aspects, project will be handed over to the freelancer. 

Client's FAQs

There are multiple benefits in freelancing over professional organization. Here you receive a cost effective, quick, hassle free, and customized work as per your demand. we are providing quality services at affordable price within short period of time.

Freelancing developers are digital nomads, expert in business, highly qualified IT guys, work driven and caffeine addicted unlike lazy company employed developers stuck in routine of 9 to 5 and cubicals. 

We work overtime on regular days and full time on weekends to provide you quality experience. We manage to work weekly 28-40 hrs per week in a very client oriented manner. For big projects, we manage to work long hours,and accomplish them successfully

Due to
  • cost effective,
  • more productive,
  • hassle free,
  • project oriented,
  • lesser office formalities
  • and more working hours,
  • symbiotic relationship between developer and client
  • freelancing business is reaching new heights in leaps and bounds in recent years.

Our team leader will stay in touch with you with whom you can discuss the implications of project and give instructions/demands on regular basis.  Also, the developer working on the given project keeps the client in loop while the development takes place. 

Often in Companies the invoice includes many hidden charges like maintenance, management charges, office holding charges, several other taxes which accompany the developmemt charge. But here you only pay development charges without any hidden cost being charged on you. 

At urbanHat we keep in mind the demands of client with respect to lesser time duration for project completion, functionalities demanded, prefered languages, budget driven project quality etc. In case, if the projects demands to be completed sooner we engage more man power at our end to promote workmanship. 

We, at urbanHat strive to provide you an easy and personal service where any person from any field, being unaware of technicalities and technical jargons feel comfortable to reach out to us. Unlike Companies, where non-technical people are often befooled in the name of big technology and skills which people are often unaware of. Generally, such clients are taken under pressure to pay more without even getting the desired output. Freelancing is devoid of all such complexities.